Data Analytics

Data analytics tools tell us what happens after the user clicks on your website! Crucially important to anyone doing business online. This allows us to do more of the things that work and stop what is not working. This brings us to a sweet spot; Data Analytics allows for data informed decisions. The ability to make business decisions with more than your gut feelings elevates the small/medium business owner one step closer to playing with the big boys. Wasn’t that the original promise of the internet?

“But I know all my customers” comes the familiar cry from Small to Medium Enterprises. Maybe you do? But you know nothing about customers that you don’t know. Here is a concrete example: 

With a good web analytics tool you can tell where your website visitors are. Some of these visitors are customers and some are not! We can tell what country, what state/county, what region and city they are in. You can accurately tell their demographics – age, sex, interests. Yes, you can tell if a male 45 year old, purchasing manager is also interested in books and lifting weights.

Still not convinced? What if I said that you can integrate Social Media Marketing campaign data and compare it’s return on investment with Search campaigns. For example: does Twitter deliver more than Microsoft Bing?

From this simple exercise we can see the power of data. The more data you have the more valuable it becomes. 

Motomo as well as Google Analytics are the main providers of these tools. While Google are the ubiquitous market leader offering access to accurate but aggregate data. Motomo offers more Data Privacy and access to your own raw data.

Data Analytics also gives insights important Search Engine Optimisation signals like: Time on site, Bounce rate, Conversions and Demographics.

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