Google Ads

Think of Google Ads as a kitchen here depending on creativity and budget you can prepare a straight forward snack or a five star meal.  This kitchen generates 80% of Google’s revenue, grossing $141 billion last year!

As explained in the overview, search engine advertising it is primarily a Keyword based ad platform where you only get charged for the ads that actually get clicked on. In terms of Google Ads this means you can book ads for local services with limited Keyword sets all they way up to International, multilingual business to business, lead generation campaigns with supporting YouTube campaigns – all from the same account.

It also offers the flexibility to run separate Branding, Lead generation, Buy campaigns, and even to specifically target businesses only, excluding consumer traffic – perfect for Business to Business Lead Generation.

At Node Digital we especially like to use Search Engine Advertising as the quickest way to research performing Keywords. This saves time and budget on optimising Keywords you think will perform but after many quarters – don’t.

This is all just a flavour of what is possible with the Google Ads. Contact us today to book a Google Ads consultation.