Keyword Research

Keywords, by definition, indicate the content of a web page with the hope of matching it with a search result.

Think of a keyword like a brick in a wall. It holds the other bricks in position, allowing the wall (or web page) to stand on its own and carry weight. A number of web pages make up a website but crucially it is web pages themselves that rank for keywords, not websites. 

Keywords are actually the most basic element of a web presence. Each web page should be focused on one keyword.

Getting them right from the start is crucial and even more so with B2B digital marketing, given its often technical and complex nature. Getting context or relevance wrong can land you with a penalty. So get it right – the first time.

Taking this time to assess a client’s needs and the readers expectations is best. Not only does it lead to more creative and effective campaigns; it can also lead to a strategic direction where there is less or even no competition!

So before we start writing keyword sets, we brainstorm. This creative work is not only uniquely fun, it sets us apart from others who can’t.

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