Off Page

Think of a link as a road sign that points traffic to your webpage. If that road sign comes from a trusted source like the government or the Automobile Association and that road sign is relevant to what you’re searching for – then it gets noticed and will deliver traffic!

Like any road sign, the direction in which it points is crucial. Links should come from other websites to your web page. That’s why we also call them backlinks as they are inbound and are pointed at the back of your website, so to say. The direction of the link is crucial!

This increasing interconnectivity of websites brought great advantages to the early Web. But as always “people ruin everything”. As Web 1.0 moved to Web 2.0 there were a lot of website owners buying links from link farms. These farms pointed links at paying clients’ web pages en masse.

Web pages used to receive thousands of irrelevant links, overnight, from foreign web pages located far, away. Of course, these were poor-quality links and were not trustworthy. But it worked. That is until the Search Engines clamped down on these farms. This messy chapter in the history of the web is now closed but it was so bad that even today you still can’t say the words “backlink” in respectable digital marketing circles without causing a ripple of unease.

Today Off-Page SEO should be considered for all campaigns but if you want to grow a healthy link profile you need to take your time and do it right. You can even buy some links they just need to be flagged as such. 

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