Search Engine Optimisation

Search engine optimization or SEO is alchemy. A mythical mixture of one part science and one part art. Although it has gotten more demanding in the last few years the basics remain the same.

These include:

i) On-Page is how well a web page’s, internal technical information is presented. This includes the seen content of a web page and unseen code like HTML and CSS that underlie the web page. These elements are improved on to get better rankings with search engines and win relevant traffic.

ii) Off-Page involves improving the external signals coming to a web page. This includes links from other web pages and social signals pointing to a webpage.

iii) Content Marketing is, in our opinion, how much quality content an individual web page has and in aggregate how many quality web pages a website offers.1

SEO is a medium to long-term strategy. Working on one or more of these components will deliver results but it usually takes at least six months to start seeing better rankings and enjoying more traffic. It’s definitely a marathon and not a sprint! That means if you need to test something quickly or need fast results, we will need to consider other options like Search Engine Advertising. 

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1 Interestingly, there is no uniform definition of content marketing.